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Custom Displays & Exhibit Rentals

From wood to fabrics, steel to alloys, plastics to glass, we can help you create and build exhibits and displays out of all types of materials. Contact one of our exhibit specialists below!

Exhibit Rentals Made Easy!

Renting an exhibit is a cost-effective alternative and provides the opportunity to “try before you buy” so you can evaluate what works best for your event and exhibiting needs. Renting saves precious marketing dollars and allows you the flexibility to change your display for each audience and for each show.

  • RENT the frame structure: select the best size and shape for the space
  • PURCHASE customized graphics
  • RENT accents for with monitor supports, literature pockets, shelves and tables to enhance the functionality of the display
  • RENT counters (reception and storage is key, so choose the best size and option that suits your needs)
  • RENT lighting to illuminate the display
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Not sure where to start? Let us help you design your perfect display.

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