SMARTsigns® Components

Why buy several signs when one will do?

That’s the central theme behind all our functional Components… Quite simply, they are what make SMARTsigns® so smart!

Mix and match Components for your own distinctive set of signs that handle all your needs, meeting after meeting. View images below to determine which options are best for you.


Updates on the fly are easy with our attractive, upscale SMARTlens®.

Simply print your message from your desktop printer, peel back the SMARTlens®, insert your message, and you’re done!

It holds up to seven sheets of paper and seals itself shut at the top with a thin magnetic strip.

Available in 8½”x11” letter size, 8½”x14” legal size and 11”x17” tabloid size.

Orient your SMARTlens® either landscape or portrait.

Elite Header

Branding your Elite SMARTsigns® is easy with our interchangeable, magnetic Elite Headers.

Keep your headers generic for recurring events and reuse them over and over. Or add dates, places and theme logos for a one-time use.

In either case, simply place a header over your sign’s permanent magnetic-receptive “target” area, and you’ve got a new look from the same sign in seconds.

When not in use, store your headers flat. Then, you’re good to go for the next time around.

Directional Arrow

Effortlessly guide your attendees down the right path with our detachable plastic Directional Arrow.

Thanks to a special low-tack adhesive tape, arrows can be placed anywhere on the sign and point 360-degrees.

When you’re done, the arrows are easy to remove for future reuse. No residue is left behind.

Plus, there’s no velcro on the face of your sign to detract from its clean looks.

Removable Theme Header

It’s easy and inexpensive to customize your Prestige SMARTsigns® with our full-bleed, Removable Theme Header.

For one-time use only, the digitally printed self-adhesive header is opaque to hide graphics underneath. Only you’ll know it’s there!

Apply them yourself, or we can do it for you and then ship you “new signs” directly to site.

When your meeting is finished, the header is easily peeled off. The special adhesive insures no residue is left behind.

Ultra Graphics

Ultra Graphics can transform the look of your Ultra SMARTsigns®  in seconds.  Place them anywhere on your signs, as headers, as footers, cover existing graphics, vary the size, shape, and orientation.

They are opaque to mask the printed images underneath, peel off cleanly, are easily stored, and can be applied repeatedly thanks to an innovative, chemically engineered polymer adhesive that remain flexible and tacky indefinitely.

Should the polymer get dirty or start to lose its tackiness, a simple wipe with soap and warm water rejuvenates the adhesive properties.