SMARTtent 3™

Use tent cards but hate the way they flatten out over time? Then here are two unique solutions.

Our original, one-sided SMARTtents™ feature an attractive plastic face frame that’s displayed vertically using a double-wing easelback.

Simply print on letter or legal paper and slide your output into the frame. Now you can economically handle your next meeting, and any last-minute changes on-site, with ease.

Choose either 4” or 5” frames in 11” for letter size paper, or 14” lengths for legal. Easelbacks fold flat for easy shipping.

For those who prefer two-sided tents, try our reusable SMARTtentPlus™ system.

Fold your prints lengthwise and place them on the extruded plastic base. It’s “arms” hold the paper in place to prevent spreading.

Use your own paper. Or print on our special heavier weight stock that is pre-scored to easily fold and “lock” under the holder’s arms and comes in letter and legal sizes.

The SMARTtentPlus™ base is 3½” wide and available in 11”, 14” or custom lengths.