Exhibitors’ Handbook

Let your fingers do the walking through our comprehensive

Exhibitors’ Handbook eCatalog.

You’ll find hundreds of products. Floor models to tabletops,
inline to island, portable to custom.

If you need it or want it, it’s here. A one-stop-source for
everything displays and display accessories.

Check out our three other “sister” eCatalogs for
additional ideas.

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Fabric Structures

From straight and angular shapes to ergonomic, flowing ones,
Origin solutions combine form, specialty fabrics, lightweight
frames and lighting.

Mix and match. Origin gives you plenty of options to create
the ideal display. Or work with us to create a custom solution
from scratch.

Origin is everything fabric. In this eCatalog, you’ll find:

  • Out-of-the-box and custom fabric inline and
    island tradeshow displays
  • A variety of Hanging Structures
  • Unique fabric shapes, such as Funnels, Towers, Columns,
    and Arches
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    Event Kits

    When outfitting an entire tradeshow booth, the number of
    choices can be overwhelming, but don’t have to be.

    Great for idea generating, this eCatalog features numerous,
    fully accessorized display packages to help visualize how
    various elements blend to create a distinct look and feel.

    Organized by tabletop, 10’ and 20’ inline exhibit types,
    our packages combine off-the-shelf backwalls, counters,
    banner stands, literature racks, graphics and lighting.

    You may find one that fits your needs exactly or at least
    come away with some tangible ideas. In any case,
    this is great place to start.

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    Rental Options

    Sometimes, renting an exhibit is the more expedient,
    cost-effective, convenient solution.

    This eCatalog highlights rentable off-the-shelf exhibit
    options that are perfect for any 10′x10′, 10′x20′ inline
    and 20′x20′ and larger island spaces.

    Your choices vary from 10’ and 20’ inline kits to fabric
    architectural and hanging structures to custom-designed
    island exhibits that are all pre-built, so the only time
    investment is in the design and printing of your graphics.

    Find out how simple and hassle-free renting is.

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