Xpressions XPress

Xpressions® XPRESS™ is the revolutionary compact solution for your trade show display needs.

Smartly packed in the durable rolling case is an entire display. The case quickly transforms into a podium with a huge fabric graphic face for maximum branding exposure.

Within minutes your entire display will be up and looking great. Unpack the two included 1 x 3 quad Xpressions® SNAP units, which (depending on your kit choice) will be linked by two shelves and the same dye sublimated stretch fabric graphic “skins” offered on all our Xpressions® displays.

Each kit’s look varies depending one the number, size, shape and configuration of the skins. But, the collective result is a fantastic looking 8′ display with large podium, perfect for any 10′ x 10′ show space! Think of it as a “kit in a can.”

When the show ends, your entire display will break down and pack neatly into the travel case. Within minutes you will be on your way!