Big things come in small packages.

And it’s no different with our array of pre-packaged, compact display solutions.

The Xpressions Xpress is not one, but four all-in-one, packaged display solutions for you to choose from, all based around our dynamic Xpressions fabric pop up display. Everything from the displays, to shelving, to lights, are neatly packed in your branded shipping case. It’s all here, ready to go.

Expand’s PodiumBox is a shipping container with imagination. Not only does it handle its role as shipping container for your event supplies, but it’s graphic wrap converts the PodiumBox into an integral branded display element. There’s no need to hide you’re your shipping container under the table anymore.

The most innovative case around is Expand’s PodiumCase. First, it’s big enough to store and ship your portable display needs. But once unpacked, its “suitcase” style construction gives you more countertop space, which means more branding impact, more creative applications. Use it by itself (it has optional shelves and header) or with other portable graphic units.