Our very popular VBurst fabric backwall pop up display is a versatile, multi-purpose system.

The VBurst can not only be used as a full-size booth graphic, but also as a press conference backdrop, or as a staging design element.

Anywhere a portable, free standing large graphic is needed, there’s a VBurst that fits the bill. You can choose from ten different sizes, ranging from as slim 30” x 90” to a mega 90” x 150”, to address any need or application.

Its wrinkle-resistant fabric graphic is dye sublimated for quality and permanence. The fabric attaches to a 2” belt of Velcro running around the pop up frame’s perimeter. This also makes changing graphics in the future a snap.

To speed set up and take down, there’s no need to detach the graphic from the frame. When expanded, the graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a smooth and seamless image across the display.

It is available in a variety of sizes as either a flat or curved display. You can also choose optional graphic end panels, which add an extra 12” of fabric wrapped around each side to add a finished look and cover the exposed frame.

The VBurst stores in its own nylon carrying bag. An optional durable shipping case and lights are also available.

Check out the Product Sheet for specifications on sizes and options.